Kelly Nichols Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kelly Nichols Photography (Kelly Nichols Photography) Thu, 13 Mar 2014 18:45:00 GMT Thu, 13 Mar 2014 18:45:00 GMT Kelly Nichols Photography: Blog 120 80 How You Can Help Me Create the Best Photographs The first thing I do when booking a photo shoot is to schedule a consultation.  The purpose of this initial meeting is for me to get to know you and find out exactly what you are hoping to gain, in the way of images, from me as your photographer.  In this way, you can help me achieve the best possible photographs of you.


By speaking in person initially, you will also feel more comfortable once the camera is in front of me.  For an engagement session, I may ask you about yourselves, what you like to do, how you met and how you like to spend your time together.  There are keys here to making your photographs work by incorporating as much of you into the shoot as possible.


I can help you with outfit and prop selection to help you look your best and tell your story.  The best outfit to wear when having your portrait taken is something that you feel comfortable in while moving around and complements your body type.  The last thing you want is to be constantly adjusting your clothing during a photo shoot. 


Wearing something comfortable for a photo session doesn’t necessarily mean you should come dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt (unless you are modeling for a gym advertisement).  It simply means to wear what you feel looks good on you and allows you the freedom to move about without having to worry about items coming loose, pulling up, falling down or malfunctioning altogether.


Another thing to consider when choosing a wardrobe for the photo shoot is current trend.  The images resulting from your session will be viewed by you, your friends and loved ones for years.  The photos should transcend the current trends in clothing.  You may look at an outfit you wore in a photo ten years from now and think, “Why did I wear that?”  Wearing clothing that is trendy and flamboyant is best left to photos taken for the fashion industry.


During the photo session, I generally let inspiration lead me.  I will have a general concept and then let you go about interacting normally, making small adjustments if needed.  I help you bring your personality and emotion into the shoot.  One way to do this is to employ props; items that mean something to you or express a desired theme for the shoot.


The most important element necessary for me to capture the best of you is for you to just be you.  Be comfortable and go with the flow of the shoot, having some fun along the way. 

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